Podcast #27

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Steve Simmons

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity with your host David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi everybody, this is David Heimer. Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. Today, I’m delighted to welcome Steve Simmons to our podcast. Steve is the president of Air Comfort Heating and Cooling out of Nebraska with locations in Columbus and Fremont, not far from Omaha, along the banks of the great Platte River. I have a great appreciation for Steve. He’s incredibly smart and he’s very thoughtful about business. It’s always fun to hear him talk about what he’s done recently, how he’s changed things in his business, and what he’s learned over the years. This is particularly interesting now because although Steve and his business partner, Bart Bosco, have built a successful business, they recently embarked on a new push to grow the company. So Steve Simmons, welcome to Profiles In Prosperity.

Steve Simmons: Thanks, David. I really appreciate the opportunity, it sounds like fun.

David Heimer: So start off, if you don’t mind, with a bit of background information. How did you get into our industry?

Steve Simmons: Well, actually back in 1976, there was kind of a tragedy in my hometown. A hotel had a natural gas explosion and several people were killed and several of them were from the local utility company. I ended up taking the place of a leak service technician for that utility back in 76. And while I was working for the utility, I needed money for college. So I offered to take pretty much all the after-hours service calls to get some extra cash, and I gradually morphed into a self-taught service tech. And after I received my degree, I was offered a job in a plumbing, heating, cooling wholesale company, which eventually led to a position a couple of years later with Lennox industries. And in 1992, I decided to leave Lennox and purchase tech ownership in a Lennox dealership my best friend had started about 10 years earlier. So that’s kind of it.