We’d Like to Partner with Your Association, Too

Service Nation has partnered with more than over 40 HVAC and Plumbing associations across the US. We have more than five thousand Service Nation members and are actively looking to expand our reach while teaming up with other associations through our Affiliates Program.

What's in it for your association?

Service Nation Association membership is FREE for your members. When they upgrade to Service Nation Roundtable membership, your association will receive an incentive per member in non-dues revenue. Service Nation Roundtable membership provides marketing and business support for your association members through our Affiliates Program.

Why do we do this? Like you, our organization is dedicated to providing service contractors with the tools they need to improve their business and financial performance. We are the best at what we do and know we can help contractors achieve excellence by helping them realize their business goals. Service Nation is looking to support other associations with the same goals to help us fulfill our promise to our members.

Membership opportunities

Association Member: (FREE Membership)

1. Limited access to our marketing and business Resource Center.
2. Discounts and rebates from most of our Service Roundtable Preferred Partners.

If your affiliate member decides to upgrade to a Service Nation Roundtable membership, here’s what they will receive additionally:

1. Complete access to our library of thousands pieces of marketing and business documents created to help companies achieve success.
2. Higher Cash Back Rewards with our Preferred Partners.
3. Payouts from more Preferred Partners.
4. Discounts to Service Nation events

To get started fill out the form or contact:


Director, Affiliate Relations
Cell: 214.395.1302
Email: CLongacre@ServiceNation.com