The fact is, when most of us set sail on a new venture, we vow not to follow blind instinct but rather a person, company, or organization with a clear mission and set of values that you trust and have ample evidence of strict adherence to those founding principles.

That’s what Service Nation offers you. Not just training, events, mentor groups, Cash-Back Rewards, and all the rest of our many benefits, but a clearly defined and articulated mission statement plus a core set of values.

Mission Statement

The mission of Service Nation is to change contractors’ lives for the better.

We put contractors first in all we do, not just because our mission  demands it, but because it is the right thing to do. We seek quintuple wins where not only our members win, but also where the consumers they serve win, our partners win, out affiliates win, and we win. The quintuple win improves lives. It makes us a force for good in the markets we serve.

The result is consistent year-over-year growth and profitability, rewarding our investors, families, and the communities where we operate.

Service Nation Values

These are the values of Service Nation. They are shared values of our team. They represent our culture.

They are a requirement to be one of our teammates.

  • Core Values (the 5 F’s)
    • Followers of Best Practices
    • Financial Experts
    • Fenomenal Care of our Members
    • Fenomenal Care of our Team
    • Fun

To learn more about Service Nation and what membership can do for you, call or email our Member Experience team today.

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