A Small Group Experience

Another Way to Share, Learn, & Grow.

Everywhere you look on this or (once you enroll) the member website, you’ll discover numerous ways to connect with our vast network of contractors, Service Nation staff, Preferred Partners, Vertical Leaders, and everyone else who shares in making us the largest private contractor trade alliance.

Well, here’s one more way to engage – join a Mentor Group. In fact, it’s automatic. Each new alliance member is assigned to a Mentor Group where, quite literally, participants mentor each other on both the finer and broader points of succeeding as a residential service contractor.

Your fellow group members will be contractors who:

  • Provide service in one or more of your company’s trade groups
  • Are located in different parts of the country
  • Have varying numbers of employees and customers
  • Have their own question to ask, success stories to share, and more.

Each Mentor Group is limited to about 10 participants. Once a week, on average, you’ll meet via Go-to-My-Meeting, Zoom, or some other internet platform.

Short of face-to-face conversations, there’s no better way to enrich your Service Roundtable experience in a small-group atmosphere.

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