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Service Nation – The Largest Private Contractor Group Welcomes You!

Service Nation Inc was founded in July 2002 as The Service Roundtable. We started with 200 members which, after just one year, we considered quite the achievement. It was and remains a revolutionary organization founded by a collaboration of leading contractors to share information and help other contractors improve their sales, marketing, operations and profitability.

Today, we offer 4 levels of membership and they are not mutually exclusive. You would first join as a member of Level 1, Service Roundtable, and then be free to expand your horizons into Service Nation Alliance, Service Nation Alliance Premier, and Retail Contractor Coalition. We truly do have something for every contractor, large or small, to help you make the most of your potential and desire for bigger and better things.

Service Nation Today – A Story of Growth & Development

To succeed, you must evolve or be left behind. Today, with more than 5,000 members, initiative-taking and adaptability are the foundations of our organization. You’ll see evidence of that not just through our websites or through informal conversations with other members, but through Zoom calls, webinars, business training, two annual meetings, and other events structured to meet the needs of all members.

Service Nation Membership Levels

When you first join our organization, you’ll become part of Service Roundtable, our first and still foundational membership level. From there you can learn more about our three Premier Membership levels – Service Nation Alliance, Service Nation Alliance Premier, and Retail Contractor Coalition. Click here to read more about what each membership level includes.

Roundtable Rewards – Profit by Your Participation

More than 200 contractor-vetted Preferred Partners participate in our Roundtable Rewards buying group. These partners provide rebates on products and services you already use to operate and promote your business – marketing, recruiting, training, equipment, office supplies, vehicles, distributor and so many more. Participation in Roundtable Rewards effectively turns your Service Nation membership into a profit center. Thus far, more than $2 billion dollar has been distributed to our members by our Partner. Get to know them – you’ll profit from the experience in more ways than one.

Teaming up with Other Contractor Trade Organizations

Service Nation does not compete with other contractor groups, trade associations or organizations. Rather, we mutually complement each other and invite their members to take part in what we offer and to then join once they discover the scope of who and what we are. Reciprocally, many Service Nation members also belong to other state and national trade groups and trade-related associations.

Trainers & Consultants You Can Learn From

Many of our training events are conducted by nationally recognized and industry-specific trainers and consultants. You can attend a workshop or Success Day at a location near you or invite a trainer or consultant to give you their undivided attention at your business location. These industry leaders also participate in Zoom calls, webinars Mentor Group meetings – you’ll even find them as keynote or break-out session speakers.

Something New Every Week

Stagnancy is a foreign concept to the entirety of Service Nation – we are adding new reasons to help you enhance your member experience. Once you join, you’ll receive a steady stream of emails every week featuring new business tools, tips for great success and business management, introductions to new Preferred Partners, new material available in our Online Store, new and timeless marketing tools ready for your immediate use, invitations to local and national meetings, and more.

Join Now and Take a Giant Step Forward

To learn more about Service Nation and what membership can do for you, call or email our Member Experience team today.