Podcast #09

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Mitch Cropp

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity, with your host, David Heimer.

David Heimer: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity, I’m David Heimer. Mitch Cropp founded and grew Cropp Metcalf into one of the largest and most successful residential service companies ever. Not just one of the largest, but one of the best. Listen to this impressive list of awards, Contracting Business Residential Contractor of the year, HCCA Residential Contractor of the year, Excellence Alliance Contractor of the year, Lighthouse Beam Award for Safety, Best Contractor to work for, Washington Journal Fast Track Award, Pride in Partnership Award from Lincoln Tech, Best Picked by EBSCO Research, Carrier Presence Award. And they won that eight years in a row. On top of all that, Mitch is a significant contributor to our industry. He’s been the past president of HCCA, he served on the Board of Trustees for Nate. He’s a past President of the Metro Washington Heat Pump Association. He’s on the Board of Directors of Service Station Inc, and Mitch is a member of the very small select group of people who are in the HVAC Hall of Fame.

I get to serve with Mitch on the Service Nation Board, and I’ve developed a great appreciation for Mitch. You’ll never know about all his awards and his accomplishments If you just talk to Mitch. He never brags on himself, he never engages any self-promotion. He’s one of those guys that listens carefully, doesn’t talk a lot, but when he says something it’s really well-considered, thoughtful, and insightful advice. When Mitch talks, we listen. In 2015, I was honored to interview Mitch on stage in front of a large audience, what follows is an excerpt from that interview. The subject at this point of the interview was about acquisitions. Mitch has successfully acquired and integrated many companies, so I asked him about that.

On these acquisitions, you’ve gone through a number of models, you’ve said that you’ve added about $15,000,000 in acquisitions. That’s a lot of acquisitions. So at some point in time, you guys have learned how to bring companies into your company. And so what can you share with us about what works and what doesn’t work? Because I think that’s pretty tricky. I mean, you get a company that’s, I don’t know, let’s say one and a half million, it’s probably being run primarily by one guy. Does he come and work for you? or does he exit the business and you get his team? Does his team stay with you? Or do you just buy the assets and say adios?