Podcast #94

“Water Treatment and Conditioning”

Featuring KC Holcomb

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity, the leading podcast for residential service contractors, sponsored by Service Roundtable and hosted by David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, this is David Heimer. Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. I’ve got a great interviewee for you guys today. KC Holcomb is the Director of Business Development and National Accounts at Canature Water Group, which is also Novo Water Conditioning Products. He is an industry expert, super nice guy, he’s a musician. And anytime I’ve got any questions about water treatment, water conditioning, water filtration, anything to do with water, he is my go-to guy. So, KC Holcomb, welcome to Profiles In Prosperity.

KC Holcomb: Thank you very much David. Pleasure to be here today.

David Heimer: So how did you end up in this great industry?

KC Holcomb: Another vendor partner that you know real well, Steve Morris, I always like to give him a plug. We go to market real similar to dynamic indoor air quality. We were friends, neighbor friends. We started a band together in the mid-nineties called The Prairie Surfers. We’re a cover band in Chicago. We played at Service World in Louisville and we played –

David Heimer: It was great. I know, yeah.

KC Holcomb: And we played at another event in Sarasota last year. So we’re starting to double dip and work the corporate circuit as well. But we’re a bar band in Chicago and Steve and I had been friends for years and I was in the printing industry and was looking to transition because the industry had kind of changed with the digital age and was looking to make a move. And he was in a position to get me in front of the right people with a company I worked for called Pro Systems for four years here in Chicago and transitioned over to Canature Water Group eight years ago with the Novo brand, and made that move for several reasons. We just have a lot more product to offer, more support and training. We’re an OEM manufacturer. We make our own valves and tanks and just was a better move for me. So I moved over to Canature eight years ago. But Steve was real instrumental in getting me involved in the water business going on 13 years ago.

David Heimer: Steve is a great guy. I read this great quote from you, I thought it summed it up really nicely. Municipalities treat water to meet government guidelines, but it is impossible to guarantee a consumer that they will have the highest quality drinking water in their home unless they take it upon themselves to install their own treatment system. Many consumers are more aware and thus they’re justifiably concerned with the water quality after it enters their home. As such, they’re actively seeking reliable options to get rid of contaminants in their water. Great quote, and sums things up rather nicely. I mean, we hear about water disasters in municipal water systems I would say, every month, at least. You know, Flint, Michigan is the one that always comes to mind where people were getting basically poisoned by the municipal water system, but of course there’s a lot more than that. So with all the news, there must be a tremendous amount of demand for water filtration in the home.