Podcast #57

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Eric Dutton

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity, the leading podcast for residential service contractors, sponsored by Service Roundtable and hosted by David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, this Is David Heimer. Today, we’re speaking with Eric Dutton, founder and president of Dutton Plumbing in California. The Plumber you’d send to your mom’s house. Dutton Plumbing is a large successful well-respected plumbing company. They’ve been recognized as North American Plumbing Contractor of the Year, they were awarded the Service Nation Sales and Service Award, and they were honored with the George Brazil Trailblazer Award. And those are just the awards that I can think about, I’m sure there were a lot of other ones. I’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing Eric before, he’s an innovator, an industry leader, and he runs a fantastic company. And truthfully, I just like talking to Eric, so it’s always great to have him on the podcast. So, Eric Dutton, welcome to Profiles In Prosperity.

Eric Dutton: Thanks David. You always make me feel good.

David Heimer: So, a very interesting time that we’re in right now. The time of COVID, I guess you’d call it. And one of the great things about this is, plumbers and HVAC people have been deemed essential, which of course we knew all along. But you know, nevertheless, for a number of people, this is an anxious time, including some people in our industry. What are you doing at your company?