Podcast #39

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Eric Dutton

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. The leading podcast for residential service contractors sponsored by Service Roundtable, and hosted by David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, this is David Heimer today we’re speaking with Eric Dutton, founder and president of Dutton Plumbing in California. We did our very first podcast with Eric years ago. It’s a great episode, still useful to listen to, and it remains one of our most popular episodes. So I invited Eric back for another episode and he graciously accepted. This time I asked Eric if he would tell us about five rules, just five rules. He could probably give us twenty, but I asked him for just his top five, the five rules that he follows in his business. So I’m excited to hear what he’s got for us. So Eric Dutton, welcome to Profiles In Prosperity.

Eric Dutton: Thanks, Dave, good to be back. I’m very flattered.

David Heimer: When we were talking earlier, you said I’m pretty good at bar talk, but when you give me five specific rules, I’m not so good with that.

Eric Dutton: Yes, I did say that.

David Heimer: And so where are you getting these five rules from?

Eric Dutton: Well, you know, I’m always willing to participate and I love everything you do. And any chance to talk to David Heimer, I’ll dive into that in a minute. You know, getting the cold sweat or they go, oh my God, it’s like a night before test day. I have to actually come up with something structured and some content. And what I do, I normally just talk to him the heart and I just kind of on the fly talk and that’s something I think I do pretty well. And what dawned on me, I was in my office and I looked at the wall and we have posters everywhere.