Podcast #31

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Ed O’Connell

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity with your host, David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, I’m David Heimer. Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. Today, we’re speaking with Ed O’Connell. Ed is the founder of O’Connell Plumbing, which in my opinion, has the best tagline ever, “The only plumbing company, highly recommended by my mother.” It is both hilarious and clever, which is typical for Ed O’Connell. A little bit about Ed, he founded, grew, and ran O’Connell Plumbing. He built O’Connell Plumbing into a very successful residential plumbing company and sold it a few years ago. Among his long list of accomplishments, Ed was named the Service Roundtable “Contributor of the Year” and the Tom McCart “Consultant of the Year.” He is an industry consultant and he is a mentor to two Service Nation Alliance contractor advisory boards. So welcome Ed, thank you for agreeing to talk with me. One of the consistent problems we hear from business owners is that they can’t find good people.

Now, you developed a program that I was always really impressed with called Two to a Truck that parity trainee with a journeyman. You use this program yourself. You were very successful with it and now you’re teaching that program to other companies that you mentor at Service Nation Alliance. So, I was wondering if you could walk me through this program, explain how it worked, and what it did for you.

Ed O’Connell: Okay. What I’d like to do first is give you a little history. I basically got tired of trying to find new help, as long ago as 10 years ago, maybe even 15 years ago. I just couldn’t find good help at all. And that was “experienced” quote-unquote. I kept getting just a rash of folks that said they were this, that, and the other thing, and then when I put him to work, they didn’t prove worth anything. The main reason I decided Two to a Truck was to train somebody else; give them a chance for a heck of a great career and grow my own people; train the way I wanted them to be trained, and to have the kind of loyalty that you get for it. Folks who you give a chance to. And that’s how the Two to a Truck got started and that was the only reason. Along the way, this will come up as I describe in other great benefits that came about from this, and so I’ll start from there.