Podcast #20

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Dustin Miller

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity with your host David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi everybody, this is David Heimer. Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. Dustin Miller is the president of Comfort Now in Visalia California. Dustin founded Comfort Now in 2011, and I’m happy to have him here with us because he has put up some amazing numbers. Since joining Service Nation Alliance a few years ago, sales have more than doubled, strong growth and profitability, they’ve grown from 8 to 20 people. The annual rebates from Roundtable rewards have grown 13 times and they’ve been named to the Inc. 5,000. So Dustin first, congratulations on all that strong growth, and welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. So let’s start off, tell us how you got into this industry.

Dustin Miller: Well, growing up, my dad was an HVAC technician and I’ve rode with him growing up and it’s always kind of been around my life.

David Heimer: You went to college, right? And did you always intend to get into this or did you start and do something else or why did you end up making that change?

Dustin Miller: Yes, when I went to school, I went to Fresno State and during school, I had a business doing computer repair. So after classes, I would go out to residential homes and businesses and work on their computers. When I graduated from Fresno State, it was in 2008 and it was just hard to get a good job back then. I went to a {cross-talk 01:28}.

David Heimer: Great time to graduate right in the middle of the great recession.

Dustin Miller: So, I majored in communications and I wanted to get a job in sales or medical devices or something like that, but nobody was really hiring and it didn’t work out. So I decided to start a business with my dad and my uncle, and then that’s how I got into the air conditioning field specifically.