Podcast #86

“Top 3 Books of 2021”

Featuring Dave Rothacker

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity, the leading podcast for residential service contractors, sponsored by Service Roundtable and hosted by David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, this is David Heimer. Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. I am a person who reads a fair amount. I enjoy books a lot, I’m in a book club, I ask people for recommendations. I talk to a lot of people about books, and love talking to people about books. And one of the people that I really like talking to about books is Dave Rothacker. Dave reads, I think, more than anybody else I know. And so what we’ve been doing on our podcast over the last several years is calling Dave up at the beginning of the year, asking him about the books that he read the previous year, and asking him for recommendations. So that’s what we’re going to do today. A little bit about Dave. So I mentioned, he’s incredibly well-read, he is an author, a coach and a consultant. Here are the short things that I know about him, I think there’s a lot more than this.

He’s an advisory board mentor for the Service Nation Alliance. He writes for Comanche marketing. He works with the Go Time Success group. He writes his weekly Saturday Rabbit Hole for Service Roundtable members, it’s really great. If you haven’t been reading that, you ought to. It’s thought-provoking stuff. He blogs some fascinating stuff and then Dave was honored as the servant leader. That is an award in our industry that is rarely awarded and only given to those with a lifetime of outstanding service to others. So Dave is an impressive guy in addition to being an amazing reader. So Dave Rothacker, welcome back to Profiles In Prosperity. Hey, before you get into anything else, I’ve got a quick question for you, and you don’t have to be precise about this, but approximately how many books did you read last year?