Podcast #19

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Dave Rothacker

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity with your host David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, this is David Heimer, welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. Today we’re bringing back Dave Rothacker for another book discussion. This time I asked Dave to think about all the books he read in 2017, and that’s a lot of books and tell us about his top three books for 2017. Dave is incredibly well-read; he might read more business books than anyone I know. In addition to reading, Dave is an author, a coach, and a consultant. He is an advisory board mentor for Service Nation Alliance. He writes for Comanche Marketing, he writes a weekly Saturday rabbit hole for Service Roundtable members, and he blogs some fascinating stuff at Rothacker Reviews. So, Dave Rothacker welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. What are your top three books for 2017?

Dave Rothacker: Okay, well like picking out children, this is a task that pretty much exceeds my ability. I’m going to go with three books that made an impression on me and books that I think are translatable to the business owner and business manager. So, the first one is The Power of Moments By Chip and Dan Heath. And this book is about defining moments in our life. And everyone through the course of their life goes through moments that when you look back, you can identify as defining moments. And the way that the Heath brothers categorized that they say “meaningful experiences that stand out in our memory.” And that’s what they say defining moments are. And these defining moments can be both {inaudible 01:38} and they can be engineered.

So, an example of a defining moment that just happens might be like a teacher or a manager or a coach that recognizes a talent that we have and then encourages us. They believe in us. And that helps that might put a switch on and cause us to take a major path in life. And also, you can orchestrate these defining moments. So, from the flip side of that equation, you’re the coach, you’re the manager, you have someone that you see as a talent and you can take steps to help promote and encourage and draw that talent out and let it loose on the world. And the book is basically based on science psychology. There’s a lot of case study, a lot of research and a lot of real-world examples so, that’s what the Heath brothers are known for is it’s not just theory. I mean, they’re taking practical and life experiences and discussing and talking about those.