Podcast #37

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Crystal Williams

David Heimer: Hi, this is David Heimer. Just a quick note about this episode of Profiles In Prosperity. Typically, our podcast interviews are pretty short, 20 minutes or less. But this interview with Crystal Williams went over that. Usually, we just edit the interview until it was short enough, but this time we couldn’t find anything we wanted to cut. So we split it into two episodes. This is the second of the two, Crystals is a great interviewee with lots of information. I think you’ll quickly see why she was named Woman Of The Year.

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. The leading podcast for residential service contractors, sponsored by Service Roundtable, and hosted by David Heimer.

David Heimer: So you’ve talked a lot about your family that’s in the business. You work with Your dad, your brother, and then you’ve got some other relatives also. So, what is your secret for working together and keeping good family relationships?

Crystal Williams: This is not going to be a popular answer, but, understanding who’s the boss. So I’m not the boss. A lot of times you’ll catch me calling them Irvin and Trey, and even my aunt. I’m from East Texas. So a little Redneck Country. The aunt that works here, we call her aunt Sissy. So all growing up, she was aunt Sissy to me. But here I’ll call her Teresa, because I want everybody to understand here that I’m under the same pressure, if you will, to perform as our parts runner, as our installers, as our CSR, as our sales guys. I don’t just get a free pass. So my first piece of advice on working with your family is, understanding who is the boss. And then making those clear understandings. Now, when I came into the business, I mean, of course, Irvin trumps Trey, but Trey is the boss. So if Trey comes in here and tells me, hey, you gotta work Saturday, I’m not going to argue back and say, no, I’m not Or if he comes to me and says, hey, you didn’t perform, or this, you went over budget or you need to stop and get this done. It’s a yes sir, type of relationship, because at the end of the day, family or not, he still signs my paycheck.