Podcast #84

“Social Media For Your Business”

Featuring Brandi Szeker

Intro: Welcome to Profiles in Prosperity. The leading podcast for residential service contractors, sponsored by Service Roundtable and hosted by David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, I’m David Heimer, welcome to Profiles in Prosperity. So we’re doing something totally different today. We’re going to do this on video because why not try something new, right? So to try this out, I’ve got Brandi Szeker here with me. Brandy is in charge of all things social media at Service Nation Alliance. So I thought we would try talking with Brandi and hearing some stuff about here. So start off at the beginning for me, Brandi, how did you get into this great industry?

Brandi Szeker: Kind of by luck and by chance. I just started out when I was in college, was going for my creative writing and marketing degree, and I really just needed something while I was, you know, taking my classes and everything. I started part-time as a success coach, really just helping our members learn the membership, learn all of the tools that they have access to walking them through it and being there with anything they needed. So after that, there was so much opportunity here. Leadership was great with getting me involved in things I was good at, such as creative writing. I started writing some press releases for Matt, Michelle, and then shortly after that, our VP of Marketing noticed that I was really active on social media. I had my own page at the time, I had a big following and just by chance, I was asked to start running our social media pages, which I turned out to really love. I put a lot of energy and effort into building our following and engaging with our community, engaging with all of our members on social media. And I’ve been here about five years and it’s been the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had in my life.

David Heimer: Fantastic. So you really do work here.

Brandi Szeker: I do.