Podcast #33

“Company Aquisition”

Featuring Bob Viering

Intro: Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity, the leading podcast for residential service contractors sponsored by Service Roundtable and hosted by David Heimer.

David Heimer: Hi, this is David Heimer. Welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. One of the great things about my job is that I get to work with some really fabulous people. They’re so smart. They’re so interesting. And I kept thinking that I should get a few of them on Profiles In Prosperity and kind of share the wealth with everybody. So today we’re going to talk with Bob Viering. Bob is our Vice President of Programs for Service Nation Alliance. He has an immense knowledge of our industry based on his vast experience. He’s done so much in our industry. He is a very creative talent and on top of all that, just a genuinely nice guy. So Bob Viering, welcome to Profiles In Prosperity. And to get this started, would you tell us how you got into this industry and a little bit about your experience?

Bob Viering: Well, I started as an HVAC helper in about 1979 and eventually became an installer and finally moved into the office and started doing a lot of marketing, advertising, and operations, and other fun stuff.

David Heimer: You’ve had a wide variety of exposure to the residential service industry, so I think you’re underselling yourself a little bit. You’ve been a manager of installations. You’ve been essentially a general manager and then, vice president of marketing for a huge plumbing company. You’ve been a consultant in the industry. You wrote what I think we decided was probably the best yellow page ad ever in our industry, so you’re underselling yourself a little bit. You’ve got a huge vast amount of experience. So with that, I want to talk specifically about van wraps or truck wraps. And the reason I want to talk about it is, we’ve always thought that they were somewhat important, but recently, the research we’ve seen has shown that the van wrap, the truck wrap is even more important than we thought. Do you agree with that?

Bob Viering: Yes. So we have actually surveyed our members’ customers about a number of different marketing questions, but one of them was specific to what would make them call a company? A lot of it’s about reputation, their brand, but they had two answers that were specifically about vehicles. One was they wanted to see vehicles in their neighborhood, so they wanted to recognize this company and know that they’re local. And the other was that they wanted to have a vehicle that they could remember was distinctive in some way that was what caught their eye or give them some reason to remember them.